ITech has more than 40 years of experience in Software Engineering.

The excellence reached is grounded on the great knowledge acquired in the areas of development and system administration, upon different computer languages and different computer platforms.

Our strength is Software Engineering: the last two decades were dedicated to the engineering of computer systems for a variety of business landscapes, ranging from manufacturing to financial institutions. Two decades focused mainly in personalizing big ERPs like SAP.

The engineering experience allowed us to create a new software development methodology: the Real World Methodology (RW). This methodology was then applied to our consulting projects, making our experience grow and our methodology evolve.

Today, the RW methodology is backed up by a Software Development Tool called INSYDE. INSYDE is a new paradigm in software development, while allowing people with few or even no experience in programming matters to create working and functional applications. Development time is at least 4 times faster than an average programmer using standard methods.

A little history

From the very beginning (this means 1962 while working as an IBM trainee at the University of Trieste) there were a feeling of dissatisfaction about software development activities. Why did they take so long? Why are they never on time? Why are they so expensive?

Questions to problems that in 1968, in the first NATO Software Engineering Conference, were coined by F. L. Bauer software crisis.

After 25 years of research, the first fruits: a company was created (1988, Sao Paulo, Brazil) that, grasping all the sparse tools created to test the methodology, unified them under a product. That was the first generation of INSYDE, created on the IBM mainframe for the IBM mainframe (S/370). The created programs were written in COBOL and besides the ordinary index sequential access method (VSAM), used databases like DL/I and DB/2.

After few years, with the advent of the PC, the second generation of INSYDE was born. Development was transfered to the PC, still using COBOL, but now for the S/370, AS/400 and for the PC itself.

Windows brought a new milestone on INSYDE development, the third generation. To the list of supported platforms were added SAP, with its ABAP language and Windows using COBOL or C/C++.

By the end of the nineties started the development of the fourth and current generation (Java based). The codebase, now, is fully Java and to the list of supported platforms were added J2EE (servlets), java applets and java desktop applications.

In 2002 the European market was targeted and a structure created in Italy.

In 2006 the European activities were transfered to Austria (Klagenfurt).